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Embracing Wellness and Strength

Trauma can make you feel as if you are stuck on high alert and unable to feel an inner sense of peace. You may experience flashbacks, panic attacks, intrusive thoughts, or nightmares. These negative effects can often seep into all aspects of your daily living, impacting your sleep, productivity, and ability to stay present at work and with your loved ones.

The Therapy Team Provides Specialized Treatment For Trauma And PTSD

Experiencing trauma rewires the brain and body to continue living in survival mode. Our therapists will offer you a calm and nonjudgmental counselling space where you can safely process your trauma, creating more possibilities for joy, gratitude, trust, creativity, and pleasure in your life.

As skilled trauma-trained therapists, we welcome teens and adults to treatment who are experiencing any adverse mental health effects resulting from trauma at any stage in their lives. We understand the difficulties and challenges you may have in disclosing your experience and emotions in therapy and will ensure every effort in holding a safe and consistent place for you to process and meet your unique goals.

Our Approach

How Can Therapy Help Me?

At the start of therapy, we assess your emotional, mental, and physical symptoms affecting daily life. We help you understand how trauma impacts the brain and body, offering coping techniques and strategies to identify symptoms, reduce stress, and process trauma.

Healing From Trauma is Possible. Live Life With Ease.

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