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The Therapy Team provides online psychotherapy and counselling for adults, couples, families and teens to strengthen relationships, discover more joy and to facilitate self-discovery and hope.

Experienced online therapists are ready to help you.

Stuck trying to make changes in your life?

Overwhelmed with the stress at home or at work?

Haunted by negative thoughts or traumatic experiences?

Desperate to be more present for yourself and loved ones?

Grieving the loss of a friend, loved one or relationship?

Longing to improve connection with your partner?

We all experience on-going challenges in our lives. Issues mount, pressures build and soon these challenges can lead us to feeling anxious, dysregulated, depressed, disconnected from the important people in our lives, from ourselves and sometimes even from the world around us.

Every therapist on our team has extensive training and will strive to help you. You will gain a deeper understanding of yourself, strengthen your relationships and live a happier, more meaningful and healthier life. We are a dedicated team constantly upgrading our skills with innovative therapies and techniques that explore the body-mind connection to establish long lasting results. We are focused on helping you thrive and feel more like yourself.

With online therapy, you can skip the commute and save on gas!

Forget the cost of parking and babysitters!

Online therapy allows you to log in from the comfort of your home or by mobile phone!


Adult Therapy

Individual therapy helps you explore and gain control over your emotions and experiences that keep you feeling stuck. The therapy process will help you gain a deeper understanding about yourself, your experiences and your close relationships.

Couples Therapy

At times couples can feel disconnected and frustrated in their relationships. The Therapy Team is committed to helping you reconnect, strengthen communication and build trust. Our goal is to offer a safe and non-judgmental environment where you can be vulnerable, meet each other’s needs and grow together.

Family Therapy

At times, families can experience a host of challenges or stressful life events that disrupts relationships. The Therapy Team is committed to helping you improve your communication, decrease stress and increase trusting and connected relationships that strengthen the family unit.

Proudly supporting First Responders and their families across Ontario since 2016. Our uniquely skilled therapists will help you and yours approach, process and resolve issues of PTSD, burnout, grief and loss, relationship and family issues.

Trauma makes it easy to get lost in the whirlwind of negative thoughts and emotions. The numbness can rob you of hope. Fear and isolation can slowly erode your emotional support network. And painful reminders, memories, and triggers keep you stuck in the past.

Anxiety can rob you from the life you wish to live. At times, you may experience racing thoughts, increased heart rate, panic attacks, disrupted sleep and other uncomfortable symptoms that make functioning hard. The Therapy Team is here to assist you in reducing your symptoms helping you feel more like yourself again.


Neurofeedback is a training that helps “rewire” your brain and teach it to regulate itself thereby healing chronic symptoms that are often difficult to resolve. Neurofeedback has proven to be useful in treating childhood trauma, ADHD, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, migraines and head injuries.

Intern Therapy Program

We believe in the importance of making therapy accessible. In an effort to make therapy available to more people, we are pleased to offer a lower fee, supervised therapy within our intern program. Our program is comprised of master level social work interns who are already social workers aspiring to increase their training to…

Navigating the teenage years both as a teen or a parent can be challenging. The Therapy Team is dedicated to helping parents and teens create a more meaningful and connected life. Some of the issues we often work with are bullying, cutting/self harm, anxiety, depression, sleep disruption and low self esteem.

New To Therapy? Not Sure What To Expect?

We offer a free 15-minute phone consultation to help you see if it’s a good fit. Each session thereafter is a personal exchange with your therapist addressing the issues you have determined to be of most concern. This could involve discussing events which have recently transpired or those you have been struggling with for some time.

Consider The Benefits of Online Therapy:

1. Travel Time & Parking Costs.

The drive or public transit to a therapist could easily take up to an hour each way through city traffic. Add the costs of parking and it is easy to see the value and convenience of logging on from the comfort of home or mobile phone.

2. Who’s watching the kids?

Parents with children home for one reason or another or couples wanting to have therapy together can now visit their therapist with out having to worry about arranging for a sitter.

3. Your comfort level.

Having the comfort of home as part of your established therapeutic routine can help promote personal safety, ease of vulnerability and ability to sustain the real work that therapy is.

We are currently online and ready to support you from the comfort of your own home!

Frequently Asked Questions

Throughout the pandemic online therapy has proven to be equally as effective as in person sessions. For many, the lack of travel and time associated with in person appointments has been an asset to continue online therapy.

Fees for private psychotherapy are not covered by OHIP however, many extended health insurance plans cover psychotherapy.

You are responsible for payment and can seek reimbursement from your insurance provider using the receipts we provide at the end of every session. At this time, we are not able to bill your insurance directly.

No two people are alike and therefore it is impossible to predict the amount of sessions needed to make meaningful changes. In general, if you have limited funds available for therapy please notify your therapist and he/she will assist you in achieving the most out of your sessions by setting realistic goals at the start of your sessions.

Each person’s extended benefits plan varies. We recommend you check with your specific insurance provider to insure that our services are covered under your plan. There are several questions we recommend asking your provider:

1) Do I have mental health coverage benefits? If yes, under what discipline can I claim under?

2) What is my deductible and has it been met?

3) How many sessions per year does my plan cover?

4) What is the coverage amount per therapy session?

5) Is a referral from my family doctor required?

6) Does my provider allow for supervised practice therapists to provide the services?

Please note that you are responsible for payment of sessions and can use the receipts we provide to obtain reimbursement from your provider.

Your Online Psychotherapy Session

To attend your online psychotherapy session please log in at the time of your appointment. There is no need to download any additional software or apps. At the time of your appointment, simply follow the secure link sent to you in an email or text message. Please use Chrome as Safari does not work with this platform.

Lets Make Sure You are Good to Go

  • Our online platform is best experienced on a computer or laptop using Chrome or Firefox. You can also use a mobile device or tablet.
  • Check your internet connection at You will need a result of 15 Mbps or higher. If you get a reading measured in Kbps, it’s not good news. If your internet connection isn’t strong, you will then have the option to shut off video and do an audio only session.
  • Make sure you are somewhere private. Look over your shoulder to make sure nobody behind you will be surprised to be visible on-camera
  • Check your battery! It’s best to make sure you can be plugged in and charging throughout.
  • For your security and privacy, this system is not designed to record or store audio or video and all electronic audio and video communication will be encrypted in transit.
  • For your security and privacy, you may want earphones to avoid others from hearing your session.
  • You may run a test prior to your appointment to ensure your computer is working optimally.

Meet Our Team

Lori Borden

Clinic Owner/Director, Registered Social Worker and Psychotherapist

Emily Taylor

Registered Social Worker and Psychotherapist

Jordan Huerter

Registered Social

Worker and


Aletha Heyman

Sex and

Relationship Coach

Darryl Borden

Registered Psychotherapist

Jeanie Diamond-Francis


Registered Social

Worker,  R.S.W.


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