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About The Therapy Team

Providing online psychotherapy and counselling for adults, couples, families and teens

The Therapy Team Story

The Therapy Team was founded by registered social worker and psychotherapist Lori Borden. Lori is passionate about delivering quality and accessible care that avoids clients having to endure long waitlists. With the guiding principles of warmth, authenticity, compassion and professionalism, Lori ensures that every highly skilled and trained clinician she has carefully selected, brings both their skill and passion to assist you in navigating your life challenges and struggles while providing excellent care with real and lasting results.

“Everyone’s life can become overwhelming with stress, traumatic experiences, relational issues and anxiety. At The Therapy Team we believe in helping you achieve your full potential. Our team of highly trained and skilled therapists are dedicated to helping you find your path towards growth and healing through customizing their approach to meet your exact needs.”  Lori

Lori Borden MSW,RSW,RP

Owner and Clinic Director
Registered Social Worker & Psychotherapist
In Private Practice Since 2010

Why Work With The Therapy Team?

  • We offer a customized approach

We understand that the challenges you face will require a unique and customized approach. Our clinicians offer a full range of therapies to meet your specific needs.

  • We provide a simple process to get started

We know taking that first step is not easy. We offer services from the comfort of your own home with flexible scheduling, including evening and weekends and no waitlists!

  • Our highly trained therapists specialize in cutting edge therapy modalities.

For some, traditional talk therapy has it’s limitations and doesn’t feel as if it’s enough. Our team has therapists trained in specialized techniques that help change the way your brain and nervous system reacts to experiences. We are a team that prioritizes you and ensures that you can transform from surviving to thriving.

To Get Started

  • Meet The Team and choose the therapist that is the best fit for you
  • Book your free 15 minute consult call
  • Complete your intake form (these will be sent to you following the free consult call)
  • We will send you a secure video conferencing link (via the Janeapp) prior to your appointment. Click the link to attend your first session.

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