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Helping You Live Your Best Life

Are you struggling with anxiety, parenting, a traumatic experience? Do the challenges you face have you feeling lost or unsure how to make necessary changes in your life? Our therapists work to help you build a life that is purposeful and meaningful, to help develop deeper understanding of yourself while supporting you in building stronger relationships.

Therapy For Infertility

Who We Help

Adult Therapy

Individual therapy helps you explore and gain
control over your emotions and experiences that
keep you feeling stuck. The therapy process will
help you gain a deeper understanding about
yourself, your experiences and your close

Navigating the teenage years both as a teen or a parent can be challenging. The Therapy Team is dedicated to helping parents and teens create a more meaningful and connected life. Some of the issues we often work with are bullying, cutting/self harm, anxiety, depression, sleep disruption and low self esteem.

Couples Therapy

At times couples can feel disconnected and frustrated in their relationships. The Therapy Team is committed to helping you reconnect, strengthen communication and build trust. Our goal is to offer a safe and non-judgmental environment where you can be vulnerable, meet each other’s needs and grow together.

Family Therapy

At times, families can experience a host of challenges or stressful life events that disrupts relationships. The Therapy Team is committed to helping you improve your communication, decrease stress and increase trusting and connected relationships that strengthen the family unit.

Proudly supporting First Responders and their families across Ontario since 2016. Our uniquely skilled therapists will help you and yours approach, process and resolve issues of PTSD, burnout, grief and loss, relationship and family issues.

Intern Therapy Program

We believe in the importance of making therapy accessible. In an effort to make therapy available to more people, we are pleased to offer lower fee, supervised therapy within our intern program. Our program is comprised of master level social work interns…

Online therapy is for anyone seeking personal growth, additional support or a deeper understanding of their experiences to foster a more aware and connected life.