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Find Peace, Beat Anxiety.

Are Stress And Anxiety Becoming The Dominating Forces In Your Life?​

Is the constant pressure to be a successful professional, a caring parent, and a loving spouse becoming unbearable?

Are you so caught up trying to be perfect or please everyone that you’re losing touch with yourself and what you need to be happy?

Perhaps you’re in your head so much, battling negative thoughts, that it’s nearly impossible to make decisions, be present, or stay on task at work. It could be you feel guilty for considering anxiety therapy because you’re otherwise happy, healthy, and successful—yet you still feel stuck and unfulfilled.

Anxiety Can Sneak Up On You In Tricky Ways

Fear, excessive worry, and panic attacks are all hallmark symptoms; however, anxiety can also present itself in other, less obvious ways:

Irritability, moodiness, anger issues, or hypervigilance

Avoidance of situations or activities that could heighten anxiety

Headaches, tightness in the chest, digestive issues, sleeping problems

Self-doubt, self-sabotage, low self-worth despite achievements

All of these manifestations can impact everything from work and your love life to parenting and your social relationships.

Right now, you’re probably at your wit’s end fighting this on your own, but there is help and there is hope. Our experienced therapists and counsellors at The Therapy Team would be honoured to help free you from anxiety so you can feel less stressed, more at ease, and capable of living your life to its fullest.

Anxiety Is Common Throughout Our Society
And Around The World

Anxiety is a natural survival mechanism that’s hardwired into our biology. It’s not a bad thing in and of itself because anxiety can be useful in times when there is a real threat. It’s just, sometimes, that well-meaning part of the self gets stuck in high gear when there is a perceived threat—even long after the threat is gone.

When that happens, chronic fear, self-doubt, and perfectionist tendencies all find a place to flourish. And though you can do things to safeguard your mental health, sometimes anxiety results from factors that are largely beyond your control:

Just How Common Is Anxiety?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), anxiety disorders affect over 300 million adults and 58 million teens and kids worldwide. It can also manifest as general anxiety disorder, panic attacks, social anxiety, phobias, and even PTSD—meaning it’s a dynamic condition, which is why treatment is so important.

You may avoid therapy because anxiety, by its nature, fuels discomfort and a fear of what treatment will entail. You may worry that you’ll be judged, invalidated, or thought of as weak for not being able to course-correct on your own.

But the truth is: you deserve to feel better. You deserve to heal, find peace within yourself, and move through this world with greater ease—and we can help.

Anxiety Therapy Is A Partnership Of Healing And Growth

Most people living with anxiety not only lack an understanding of what’s going on, but they also frequently lack a solid support network. That’s where anxiety treatment can be so helpful. It gives you a chance to be heard and supported as you heal, grow, and move toward a life you truly love and wish to be a part of.

Working with one of our kind and compassionate therapists will help you identify the root cause of anxiety and provide you with insight into yourself, your symptoms, and patterns in your life that may contribute to anxiety. It also equips you with effective coping strategies for regulating your nervous system, managing negative thoughts, and navigating unpredictable experiences.

What Are Anxiety Counselling Sessions Like?

The first thing we’ll do is get to know one another and develop a trusting relationship with you. You’ll get a chance to share your story and discuss your life stressors, how anxiety is affecting you, and what you ideally want your life to look like.

Because anxiety is often connected to past experiences, we’ll also look at your childhood—your upbringing, your early attachments, and any adverse experiences that may have paved the way for anxiety. At the same time, we’ll help you set goals, develop practical solutions to problems, and establish a healthier mindset and lifestyle.

Our goal is to meet you wherever you are on your journey with anxiety. With our support, you can gain insight into yourself, heal the wounds of the past, and simply start to feel better.

How Do We Approach The Healing Process?

Given that the cause of anxiety can be multifaceted, we use a layered approach to healing. At The Therapy Team we don’t have a cookie-cutter therapeutic structure, nor do we believe in using therapy as a Band-Aid. Rather, we look at each person as having a unique experience with anxiety that deserves a customized approach to treatment so the source of your pain can be healed for good.

That’s why we utilize numerous strategies and evidenced-based modalities to create an anxiety treatment plan that speaks to each person’s needs. Some of the tools we use include:

Our anxiety therapists are fully trained trauma experts. We are very selective in who we hire, and everyone here is driven to make a difference.

So, whatever you’re battling, whether it’s stress, panic attacks, social anxiety disorder, or a constant sense of dread, our human-to-human approach to therapy and counselling can help. We’ll be direct yet compassionate. We’ll support you, yet hold you accountable. And we’ll encourage you while challenging you.

If you’re ready for this partnership—this collaborative approach to healing and growth—it is possible to transform your life and go from surviving to thriving.

Perhaps You’re Considering Anxiety Therapy But Still Have Concerns...

The purpose of therapy is to help you gain more insights into yourself and your experiences in order to facilitate healing. However, sometimes, being vulnerable and sharing parts of yourself may feel uncomfortable—even scary.

Our compassionate and experienced anxiety therapists understand that, and we’re expertly trained to help you through those moments so you never leave sessions feeling overwhelmed. We also recognize that you’re the expert on yourself, so you control the pace of sessions and the topics we discuss.

Anxiety is the body speaking to us, kindly warning us of danger and motivating us to do something about it. For that reason, it’s important to listen to and understand what those messages are saying and where they’re coming from. That way, you can learn to utilize anxiety when necessary and neutralize it when it’s not.

The Therapy Team can help you do that by implementing a range of evidence-based tools that have been proven to help people just like you reduce or eliminate anxiety altogether. Though you may feel like things will never change, there is a way to heal—and there is hope.

Medication is an option that’s completely up to you. We don’t pathologize or have prescribers on staff; rather, we focus on overcoming challenges and doing the deeper work of healing trauma, emotional pain, and attachment wounds that are often at the core of anxiety.

That said, if you would like to explore medication, we’re happy to offer you a referral or collaborate with your primary care physician to get you the relief you deserve.

Join Us In This Partnership Of Healing And Growth

If you are tired of stress, anxiety, and self-doubt being the dominating forces in your life, our experienced therapists and counsellors at The Therapy Team can help. Please Contact Us for your free, 15-minute consultation to see how our online anxiety counselling services can help you learn to move through this world with greater ease.

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